[LFW PAID AAA] Zach L. - UE4 Generalist with focus on UI, Networking, Frameworks


Email: Zachary@nonlocalitysoftware.com
Discord: ASCII#1124


I am primarily focused on Unreal Engine 4+5 Programming, with some secondary focuses on Technical Art and UI. I’ve been using UE4 since it launched publicly in May 2014, and have been self-taught and motivated to make amazing games. I’m currently the project manager for Bionicle: Masks of Power and doing Contract work.

Technical Skills

Languages: C++

Software Experience: UE4, Blender, Visual Studio, FMOD, Perforce

Physics Programming: Created advanced grappling hook with wrapping physics, ledge climbing, wall running, Toroidal Gravity

Gameplay Programming: Prototyped and created systems for Saving/Loading+Elapsed time, UI Navigation automation, GAS-based gameplay, Online Lobbies and PVP modes

Misc: Artist and level design tools, Shader/Material programming, Advanced and stylized UI

Soft Skills: WFH experience, managing large and small teams, documentation, guides, task planning/management

Previous Project Experience

Identity (PC) 2018

Link: Steam

Roles: Technical Artist

Software: UE4, Blender, SVN

Info: I was brought on as a contractor for several months to help the character DCC pipeline and to work on IK implementations. I also helped with Material set up and import.

Farmtale (PC/Mobile) 2020

Link: Steam
Video: Farmtale Official Trailer - YouTube

Roles: Systems Programmer, Finisher

Software: UE4, C++, Perforce
Info: A clicker-style game centered around farm mechanics and a fun pirate theme. I was brought on towards the end of development to create the saving/loading system that accounted for passive farming in between play sessions. I also had to work on the calculus that the clicker game relies on, stretching the upgrade curve to a more desirable play time.

Bionicle: Masks of Power (PC) (2017-2021)

Link: Steam
Video : BIONICLE: Masks of Power Environmental Teaser (Coming to Steam) - YouTube

Roles: Project Manager, Lead Programmer, Technical Artist

Software: UE4, Blender, VS, Perforce, Trello

Info: A 3D action-adventure Open World Game. Totally fan made, the project runs on volunteer work and organization. We have a team of roughly 35 active monthly users, and I manage most of them along with my department leads. It’s a AAA quality production with gameplay to match. I focus primarily on the gameplay and frameworks, and implementing unique iterations of UI and the characters. I was also responsible for much of the game’s design.

A Garden Witch’s Life (PC) 2021

Link: Steam
Video: A Garden Witch's Life - Reveal Trailer - YouTube

Roles: Programmer, Technical Artist

Software: UE4, Blender, Git

Info: A wholesome and magical game focused on farming, mental health, and magic! I helped this project for about a year under contract helping with the crafting, farming, and UI systems. I created and implemented my own UI manager for this which is now used in several projects. It allows for KB/Gamepad navigation and is mostly automatic.


WIP: Bionicle Masks of Power UI

I was responsible for the implementation and partial design for all UI elements seen here, along with most of the game frameworks and combat

WIP: Ringworld Alpha UI

A small project I’m working on in my spare time is a recreation of Halo: Combat Evolved, and this showcases work that is 100% mine. The UI framework and implementation here is all mine. Design is recreated accurately from Halo 3.

WIP: Super Cubiform

A small project I started solo a few years ago, everything is mine, done from scratch.

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Hey Zach - tried to send you an email regarding a paid role we are hiring for but your email address didn’t work. Are you open to contract or full-time work?

hello@salvosoftware.com if email is easier.

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Hey Zach - can you try from a different email? we hit reply to your message and it gave us another dns error domain not found.

Sure thing.

Available again for work!


We have a job open at our company, it’s a bit different from what you have worked on so far but, if you’d be interested in developing a VR system for a show all in unreal then contact me in clara@singleframe.co.uk

We’d love to work with you!

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