[LFW] Orchestral Music Composer


I am a music composer writing mainly orchestral music with a sense of gravitas :), however covering a wide range of states: exploration, combat, contemplation, mystery. I am interested in writing scores for open world RPG games, medieval fantasy, puzzle/adventure, sci-fi, RTS, FPS, space strategy.

My demo reel shows various gameplay scenarios rescored with my music:

The pieces heard during this video can alternatively be listened to in their entirety on the following Soundcloud set:…music-demo-set

If you are interested in my music and you need an original soundtrack for your game, feel free to contact me via PM or e-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Cristian (Settima Sounds)

are you able to do horror as well? i have a Asemetrical survival horror project btw its my first project and im at a stage were im exploring my options of putting a team together and im planing on using kickstarter along with a dev grant hopfully.

Ok so I am making a sci-fi souls like and was wondering if you are still available