[LFW] Music Composer with Animation and UE4 skills as well

I am willing to provide my music services for the first project that contacts me, FOR FREE. Whether it be using a pre-existing composition I have or creating something brand new for your project.

I’m somewhat flexible with the style of music I can produce, as I am very experimental by nature with my production. However, if you are looking for sci-fi and more modern/contemporary electronic style for your game, you are going to get AAA quality out of me.

If you’re looking for an entire score this is something I can do. I have not scored for a game before but this is me saying I’m ready to prove myself to whatever project wants to take a chance on me.

On top of this, I’m an intermediate to advance level animator in Blender. I can show you animations I have done on discord if you are interested in this side of me.

I also have late beginner level skills in blueprint programming in UE. The last month I have been working on my own game which has involved importing and programming the animations I created and a little bit of gameplay programming thrown in that mix also.

Thank you for viewing and for your consideration, and I am readily looking forward to being apart of my first game project.


What is your contact email?

Oh yeah forgot to post it.