[LFW] Music composer for games/videos/trailers ...

Hi, my name is Andreas and i have a couple of years expierence in wirtting music but i am pretty new to game music. I am looking for some projects to get started.
Preferably, i write ambient music, music for trailers, orechstral, jingles…

Here are a few examples (new tracks will be added soon) Andrey | Free Listening on SoundCloud .

You can contact me via PM or email: [EMAIL=“”] .

hey, check out my new track. It’s a funk/jazz track with an improvisation part.
Upbeats by Andrey | Free Listening on SoundCloud .

Hey, I sent you an email. Please check it out and reply to me soon.

Just finished the first chapter of a visual novel.
I created some music tracks and sound effects for “Attribute” (check out

I also created a medley version and upoladed it on soundcloud: Attribute Medley ( by Andrey | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Just finished a new Track.

This track is inspired by the MTG music.

Looking for a new project right now.

Uploaded new track: