[LFW] Multimedia Composer

Hey guys,
I’m back in the USA doing custom music for small and large indie projects!

If you’ve ever wonder why would you want custom music for your project, check out a practical list of reasons here

I also offer various pricing structures for professionals and those just starting out in the industry.

For those on a really tight budgets, music libraries are a solid choice. Currently I’m putting my libraries up to 20% off.

FREE??? Yep, a free library (at least for now) can be yours. Simply credit the composer (me; Peter Gunder) in your project(s) and it’s yours for the taking.
Grab it here and enjoy! :slight_smile: Bonix Music - Variety Pack 01

Thanks and enjoy your summer / winter!

Peter Gunder
Multimedia Composer

Heya guys.

Just a couple of things for the upcoming Halloween season!

  1. I’m available for custom music!

  1. Check out reviews here!

Thanks all and everyone have a safe Halloween!

Peter Gunder