[LFW] == Master == 3D Artist | Environment, Prop & Hard-surface | 15 years of expertise

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Focused on a clean and structured process, built from experience and competency. I am looking to find clients that are in need of professional 3D art production and design. I work with a process that ensures a smooth collaboration, and which finds the best outcome that fits within the project scope. My goal is to take away your need of art micro-management. So you have more time to focus on the bigger picture of your project.

Besides doing professional 3D game art. I focus on:

  • Professional collaboration and management.
  • Clean & organized files, work and communication.
  • Clear deliveries & thinking ahead to catch problems early.
  • The possibility to scale the amount of artists if required.

I’m looking for serious work. If your budget is low, I can offer you a “ask for advice” call to help you get the most out of your project. In return I ask you to share my name with others who could benefit from my work and knowledge. Have a question? simple send me an email and I will gladly help you.

Robert Berrier | Master 3D artist & founder | [EMAIL=“”]
Phone: +31 6 52308591 | Skype: Robert Berrier - 3D Art

GRIP Vintage Vehicle

Thanks to Chris Mallinson from Caged Element we was able to help out and create one of their cars for their racing game GRIP.
Find more images here:

Farm Fair

Farm Fair is a brand new interactive theme park dark ride. Combining the GameChanger rotating disk ride with interactive gaming. Three farm animals, the main characters, lead the visitors into their crazy farm fair. During the night and morning, the farm animals were busy building the fair around the farm. From the kitchen to the barn, and even in the fields around the farm. The visitors, who have been invited by the farm animations, go from scene to scene to score as much point as possible. Launching projects at the targets that the animals have built!


March of War - Sickle

At ISOTX we worked on the free-to-play title March of War. A turn-based strategy game for PC and tablets. It is based on a World War 2 theme with a twist towards over engineering and diesel punk hardware. Find more images here:…of-war-sickle/

Tri Count: 2199
In-game Texture Res: 512 x 512