[LFW] Joe Radak - Level/VR/Game Designer - Remote/Onsite

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for remote or** East Coast USA** area Level or Game Design work (Traditional or VR, starting ~July 1st. I’m able to work flexible hours on projects big or small. Can do everything from writing Game Design Documents to layout/level documents to full level design/construction/architecture and environmental art (not really asset creation). I’ve hosted large public testing and internal tests. Additionally. I have experience in Blueprint Programming and extensive experience with VR game and level design/interaction (including creating a launch title for the HTC Vive).

Skillsets: Level/Game Designer
2.5 Years Indie Game Developer
6+ Years Level Design experience across all genre’s
3+ Years UE4 experience
6+ Years Source SDK/Hammer Editor
Have both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift (+ Touch controllers)

Extensive experience as a community manager.

Previous Work
Light Repair Team #4 - HTC Vive Launch Title, designer/artist/producer
Snowplow - Featured Map for End of the Line Team Fortress 2 Update and Gun Mettle Team Fortress 2 Update
Black Mesa - MP level designer and community manager


A .gif slide show of my work.

Rate/Cost/Fee negotiable!

Please contact me at the email listed in the Resume,