[LFW] James DuBois - Programmer

About Me
Goal-oriented Developer dedicated to producing well written quality code to the highest
professional standard. Motivated self-taught entrepreneur and programmer determined to
meet aggressive business goals and deadlines. Gregarious and detail-oriented with specialized
knowledge in Software Engineering and Web Development.

P.S: I am coming from Unity 5 so I am looking for a project to motivate me to learn unreal because at the moment I want to learn unreal and I can but I want a project to work on.
By no means am I a pro so don’t expect a replica of JP from grandmas boy. This is simply A hobby of mine that I would like to eventually turn into a full time job.

Skillset(s):Programming - Java, C#, C++

**Professional Experience **
•6 months industry coding experience
• was a development intern on Wasteland 2 On Steam
• currently a software engineering intern specializing in web development- MVC(3 months)

Previous Work:
**** Wasteland 2! -
Script Development Intern/Software Engineering/QA

Videos THIS WAS 3 YEARS AGO :smiley:


Contact: Give me a brief description when you add / email please.
Skype: duboisprogramming

Additional Information:
•Living in the US.
•22 Years old.

My Preferences
Prefer to work in an active environment. What I mean is, if I am on, I want you and or majority of the team to be on actively developing.
Also an active voice chat is highly preferred. If I need something from the artist etc I should be able to just voice chat them on discord just as if I could walk over to their desk in an office.

I am looking for a team that is passionate about what they do as is actively striving for success.
Most of my interests lie in multiplayer games but that is not my mandatory.
I am seeking for people who are interested in working with me as we collaborate on a existing idea I have and or craft a new one.
I am also seeking to join someone and or a team to develop something that is ready to be developed. What I mean is the game concept is there as well as the design.
Usually I am pretty laid back guy so just talk to me and we can figure something out.

Comments welcome!

I am impressed about the use of war3 editor, the gound 0 of mobas:))
Also i added you on skype and looking forward in getting to chat and discuss more.