[LFW] [FREE/ROYALTY] Concept Artist


I’m Mioun, and I’m a beginner Concept Artist. I’m looking for some work to put objectives into my learning.

Indeed, I started digital art 2 weeks ago and I’m continually learning stuff, and I want to work on someone project to help !

I don’t care about money, I just want to have fun helping people out, and learning some cool stuff.

I can learn pretty much everything, and I’ll put effort in it to obtain something, and achieve the request.

I can speak English and French (native speaker) and I can also level design, and make music (8 years experience).

My Artstation** :

Contact : **

**- Discord **: Mioun#3459

- Mail :

Keep up the Good Work! Every journey starts with a beginning! :slight_smile:

Thank-you, that’s very kind of you!