[LFW Free!] 3D Texturing/Art & Blueprinting

Looking for work is the closest forum I could find.

I need practice in some software and I am willing to texture your models! I may also do modelling, animation, rigging etc. all UE4 ready and even some blueprinting.

The only forewarning is that
A)I wont be releasing anything that may cause licenseing issues such as custom Substance materials or anything from an Unreal 4 Marketplace asset for examples
B)May be shown in my portfolio one day If I ever make one
C)Your model/textures/logic may be shown on YouTube if I decide its worth making a tutorial video on.
D)I have the right to turn down anything or everything. If you have a model already modeled and unwrapped its more likely to get a texturing job than say “Heres a drawing can you model rig animate and texture it?”

Nothing will be released to anyone however and I will not use it in anyway other than the practice, and the above mentioned.

I’ll take on a few people if they’re interested just to gauge my time/peoples needs etc.

I will

  • Try new things (organic stuff like humans, mutants etc.)
  • Keep in contact through Skype if required
  • Never do anything not listed in this thread
  • Work 100% for free, subscriptions to http://www.youtube.com/c/unrealteknet and http://www.youtube.com/nsomnia are welcome though :slight_smile:
  • Take on anything for anyone for any reason, unless it fits into the list below

I Will NOT

  • Work to a deadline (not offically anyway)
  • Do anything that would risk any of my licenses, websites, youtube channels etc.
  • Turn down any work within reason
  • Be bossed around at all, if you want it done faster/better etc. pay for it, or do it yourself :slight_smile:

3D Hardsurface Artist/Rigger/Animator/Unwrapper/Texture, Somewhat skilled blueprinter, Some networking experience with UE4 through Steam/LAN, GUI Wizard in UE4

I love doing hardsurface stuff such as props for filling out levels and machinery with moving parts. I have little experiance with characters but I can pull simple stuff off.

10ish years on YouTube with the last year focusing on 3D art and UE4 tutorials that have allowed me to work at home
About the same moving from Sketchup -> 3DS Max -> zBrush -> Maya -> Blender -> Modo -> Maya -> Blender (I work in Blender but have all software available)
Digital Painting from a physical painting background
Previous Work:**
Fishermans Dream - August GameJam 2015 - Allars 3rd place viewers choice
Infnfite Loop {Age} - September GameJam 2015 - No placement
Death Race - MegaJam October 2015 (We’ll see?)
AnswerHub karma winner 2x weeks in a row?

Dont really have one? http://www.blendertek.com http://www.unrealtek.net has some old crappy stuff on it, YouTube channels above has my tuts.

Private Message at your left, click on my username.
Electronic Mail: info AT blendertek DOT com please put RE: Unreal Engine Forums LFW Thread or something so I dont miss it among the dozens of emails I get daily looking for help
epykS (read it backwords, Russian Porn Bots cant): blendertek

Additional Information:
Subscriptions and donations welcome (sderek02 AT gmail DOT com Pay-to-the-Pal)
Your allowed to use any and all work in commerical work up to 10,000/year USD income.
I will supply FBX, BLEND, PNG, TGA, UASSET, precompiled plugins, and Unreal Projects only no Substance or World Machine or Marvelous Designer etc. files.

Software Available to Be Used:
Unreal Engine 4.x
Unity 5.x
Photoshop CC 2015
zBrush 4R7
Substance Designer, Painter and Bitmap2Material
Marvelous Designer 5
Blender 2.76, Maya 2016 + Mudbox + All their other **** that comes with it, 3DS Max 2016, Modo 901 and probably more I’m forgetting
NDO, DDO, 3DO (Quixel Suite)
IntelliJ IDEA/Visual Studio 13/15
xNormal and CrazyBump
& Others.

Looking for any feedback good or bad

Current Work List:

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I’m looking for someone to do a couple of stuff for my game if you want.(I’m doing a space game like geometry wars) If you want more info just send me a message.