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Gabriel Enriquez a.k.a. The Gabmeister.
Blueprints, C++, VR/AR
Full-time, part-time, freelance, remote, etc.
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My recent experiment with volumetric clouds in Unreal Engine.

New Earth - Unreal Engine

Polycount Thread
Detailed breakdown of the scene

I space habitat interior room I created in UE4 based on a concept art by Tom Schreurs. My goal was to improve my skills in lighting and material creation. Very interesting learning experience while making the character in the scene since it was my first time researching about real-time hair and realistic skin shaders.

Aincrad - Unreal Engine ArtStation Link

I’ve been wanting to recreate Aincrad, the floating castle in Sword Art Online. Here is the finished work!

My goal was to study volumetric clouds creation. The clouds were created using a combination of TrueSky plugin and cloud cards. Background landscape obtained from Landscape Mountains demo by Epic Games. The Scene has fully dynamic lighting. Aincrad model textured using Substance Painter. It is a modified version of a mesh by StefansArya.More details in the ArtStation link above.


Here is the Youtube link in case the video below is not playing.

Materialize Effect

Had some time to study some shader effects. Visit this ArtStation Link to view the more detailed breakdown. I used BoxMasking and Blueprints to control the opacity of the material based on certain parameters. To apply the effect to the car’s multiple objects, I created a Material Function so that it’s easy to reuse it on other materials. I then used a Material Parameter Collection to control the effect on a global scale.

The environment and car were created by


Youtube Video Link

Palm Tree Forest - Unreal Engine

ArtStation Link

Did a quick study on Procedural foliage and volumetric fog. Still need to add some variation on the trees. Was a great learning experience.
There are some interesting limitations about the Volumetric Fog when trying to create light shafts. I summarized the things I learned in this thread.


Youtube Video

ARCore Transition Effect

Finally had some time to study ARCore. I created a transition effect in our building’s hallway. Really like the idea of blending the real and the virtual world. The original idea was to have some kind of cyber policemen chasing me in the corridor, which explains why I’m running in the video.

I’ve been studying 3D geospatial landscapes recently, and made a guide on how to use the Cesium for Unreal plugin to set up terrain, lighting, atmosphere, and volumetric clouds. More details here.

Below are screenshots of levels I made using data from the Grand Canyon and the Alps.

Currently working on a flight simulator prototype using the Cesium plugin. I’m planning to add procedural foliage and perhaps virtual reality support sometime in the future.
More details here.

I experimented with a portal transition effect between maps using level streaming. Inspired by Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. 3D models are from Epic’s sample projects.
More details here.