[LFW] Experienced UE4 BP/C++ Programmer - RPG Expert


My name is Filipe Tessaro and I live in Brazil.

I have about 3 years of professional experience using the unreal engine building all types of games and apps. My strongest skills are blueprints and c++ with some knowledge at 3D modelling. You can see a few details about some games I worked/work below:

  • Programmer at an Open World RPG Witanlore - Released on Steam -
    Main roles: Interaction with physic objects. Activate Items such as beds, chairs. UI programmer, Character Creation, Character Animation BP, Animals AIs, Building system, Inventory, Map and Mini Map, Puzzles, Procedural Nature Sounds System, fishing system and much more. Some of the features programmed by me you can see in this video:

  • Lead Programmer at a FPS, Scifi, Horror project named CydoniA Virgo - Futuristic Game at Mars. (…hlight=Cydonia)
    Inventory system, scan system (both world and inventory scans), Logs system, Pickups, physics objects interaction, Hover System, Weapons, Inventory 3D rendering system, UI Menus and more.

  • 3D Open World RPG Sekko: Aeroviktus - Lead and Only Programmer. (WIP) - More details if required.
    Main Roles: Inventory/Craf Systems. Dynamic Combat. Day cycle. Dynanim Local Weather. Climbing, A.I day routine and combat. NPCs dialogue and quest System. Skill tree and abilities. UI programming. Menus. Options. Game HUD. Climbing system and much more.

  • D-PARC, Single player Strategic First Person/Top Down Scifi Game - Lead programmer and Only Programmer.
    (This project was stopped by the studio due budge problems)

  • Norion Seven Kingdoms, RPG City manager - Lead Programmer. More details if required.

  • Dungeon Crawler – Lead and Only Programmer – Similar to Baulders´s Gate Dark Alliance.

  • Hunters - Personal TPS - 1v1 Arena - Old West (WIP)

  • WeOnMars - City Manager for surving on mars. (WIP)

I had some participation as a programmer also to the project Them & Us during a few months last year (Similar to Resident Evil 2) and the RPG - Darkness, which is a IP from White Wolf and a few more small and personal projects.

Also, I have some experience with 3D Modelling (Blender: ArtStation - Filipe Tessaro).

Here is a simple portfolio that contains descriptions, images, and videos of my works so far. It is not finished yet, but has some content already that you may find useful:

Knowlege areas:

  • Blueprints
  • C++
  • Animation BPs
  • UMG
  • Paper 2D
  • Perforce/Git
  • Multiplayer
  • 3D modelling
  • RPGs

Please feel free to contact me below:
Skype: filipe.tessaro
Email: [EMAIL=“”]

PS: Availability = Available
Remote work with affordable rates. Contact for info.

Updated availability. Affordable rates, pls contact for more info or quote, thanks