[LFW] Experienced game developer, producer / director looking for paid work

Hi all,

My name is Khaled Ibrahimi and I am an experienced game developer looking for great teams to be part of. I do only paid work, no royalties. I have many years of experience working both on AAA and indie titles. If you’d like to know more, feel free to PM me.

Below is a brief example of what I can do for you.

What I can offer:
-**Business consultancy **
-long-term, short-term consultancy on business with focus on gaming.
**-Management **
-I have been producer and director on various games.
**-Workflow optimization **
-I have knowledge of various workflows from game development to tech. I have also optimized processes, workflows and pipelines for dev studios and tech companies.
**-Creative support **
-Support on development for story, music, vfx and general advice on overall quality of work and assist in direction.
**-Tools **
-I have experience with setting up Jira and doing workflows and pipelines within Jira. Also have experiencing with Perforce and Unreal Engine.
-Techical knowledge
-I can think on a technical level with programmers and developers to find solutions for complex problems, not a coder however.
-General knowledge of game development from A to Z

My experience:
-Cinematic producer Killzone 3
-Producer various indie titles one of which made it as IGF finalist and another won the Cinekid award
-Executive producer at Interceptor since 2010 where I helped form the studio and helped with business, contracts, negotiation, development management, cinematics, story, music, vfx and the overall development workflow and pipelines.
-Innovation officer at a gaming studio, where I helped them reorganize their studio, redo their workflow and development pipeline, use new tools and improve on efficiency and productivity.
-Project manager IT working on large scale government projects
-Contingency officer at Siemens Europe

If you’d like to know more about me please visit


available for projects