[LFW] Experienced concept artist open for work!

My name is Brandon Stricker, I’m a freelance concept artist currently working part time at Studio Transcendent (Studio Transcendent) where I create concepts for virtual reality experiences.
My goal as an artist is to create immersive worlds though story driven design.
I have 3 years experience working on movies, video games, and virtual reality experiences, with my specialties being in, environment, prop, vehicle, and weapon design.
-My Clients Include-**
Universal Studios,
Studio Transcendent,
Hengdian World Studios,
Viewpoint Games,
and more.

-My skill set-**
360 VR concept development
Environment, prop and vehicle Concept Design
Mood Painting
Graphic Design
3d modelling for concept design

Feel free to email me with any questions.

Email: brandonstricker18@gmail.com

Portfolio: https://brandonstricker.artstation.com/
Instagram: @Brandon_DS

You can find more of my work Here: https://brandonstricker.artstation.com/