[LFW] - Experienced C++ Network Programmer

Howdy All,

I am an experienced C++ programmer looking for anybody that needs some network-related programming done.
I’ve been out of the Indie scene for a while, and looking to dip my toes back into it. As such for interesting projects with interesting problems, I would be willing to do some work for free.

Ive been working with Unreal Engine since 2012, making the jump to UE4 towards the end of its beta, so fairly comfortable around the codebase.

2 years Experience as an Indie Developer, 4 years Experience as a Network Programmer in AAA (Open World Shooter).

2 released game credits (1 indie game [UE3], 1 AAA)

Drop me a line if you need some networking work done on a project, and I can let you know if I can be of assistance and provide more details about myself.

I can be contacted by either PM or email me at


Hello, i’m making a multiplayer game that is entirely made with blueprints, would you be able to elaborate and make a simple safe log in system and database? all i need is to get values from database to ue4 and post to database when somethings changed in game. if you could make a code where i could easily add more items to database by using your example code.
If you would, how much would you charge for it?