[LFW] EvilCanadian - Blueprint Programmer [Unpaid/Royalty]

[LFW] EvilCanadian - Blueprint Programmer

Blueprint Scripting, AI Programmer

Previous Work:
Gamerella Game Jam 2018
What A Day - What A Day by EvilCanadian

Email: amber.booth@hotmail.com
Steam: EvilCanadian

Additional Information:

  • Unpaid/Royaltys.
  • Online only.
  • Cannot travel.
  • Only available 2-3 days per week
  • Can only speak Canadian.
  • Vast experience with VR from a customer perspective. I own a vr arcade.
  • I’m Evil because I don’t hold the door at Tim Hortons.
  • I’m looking to work on projects to expand my experience.

Comments welcome!
Serious replies only please.

Hey are you currently available? I would like to contact you about a game ive been working on and i think we can work together on creating this awesome project of mine

I’ll send you a PM.

Hey Evil Canadian. Gonna send you a PM right now.

Hey! Are you still available? Got some of my systems working on my game. Was wondering if you would like to join? I got video of it and my artstation ready for you to view and a GDD.


I’ve been contacted by lots of people so I don’t think I have any availability to work on anyone else’s project at this time.