[LFW][Contract/Paid] Richard Vaughn -3D Artist / VR / General UE4 work

I’m an independent 3D artist who has at least some experience in multiple aspects of UE4 including VR interaction and menu creation. I also have experience with and access to MODO, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Quixel Suite, and Marvelous Designer. I have limited experience with Autodesk Mudbox. I have access to an HTC Vive for VR development as well as an entry level studio mic (with limited audio editing skills) sufficient for voice-over work.


3D Artist:
-Several years experience working in MODO and 3DS Max creating assets for use in the Unreal Engine.
-Focus is primarily on hard surface and prop modeling
-Skilled at UV Mapping models.
-Experience in PBR material creation utilizing Substance Painter and Quixel Suite.
-Marvelous Designer experience for the creation of character clothing and accessories.

UE4 Skills:
-General Blueprint scripting
-VR Menu creation and interaction (including a VR radial menu system)
-Material Creation, including some dynamic materials
-Limited experience in creating and modifying basic gameplay systems and pawn creation


If there is something missing from my portfolio that you’d like to see, I’m more than willing to create something specifically to show you that I can.


I am currently open to doing any kind of paid work that I can find. While I primarily focus on 3D modeling, I am willing and able to help out on other aspects of game design. I am a team player who has tried to make sure I’m at least somewhat versed in all aspects of game design, and I am more than willing to step in and help out wherever I’m needed, and even learn new skills if that’s what is required of me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Some examples from the portfolio listed above