[LFW CONTRACT / PAID] Michael Harris - C++/BP Programmer

Hi, I’m Michael Harris, a game programmer with 1 year non-professional experience in Unreal. Although I only have 1 year with Unreal, I’ve been making games on my own for at least 4 years now in other capacities (Unity mostly). I’m currently looking for small, short-term contracts (less than 1 month) to get my feet wet and build experience.


  • Creating prototypes, fixing bugs, implementing systems and features in C++ / Blueprints
  • Profiling, analyzing, and optimizing C++ / Blueprints
  • Converting C++ to Blueprints
  • Creating simple UI using UMG


  • 10 completed game jams in Unreal (with teams and solo)
  • Deep dive blog post into optimizations in Unreal: Optimizing Blog Post
  • Numerous online courses focused on UE4


Rate and Availability:

  • $15/hour
  • ~20 hours/week (2-4 hours weekdays, 8+ weekends)


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