[LFW][CONTRACT/PAID] C++ gameplay programmer with mp vehicle experience

I’m available to help with vehicles, weapons, and general gameplay code

Recent work in UE4 (wip):

A-10 warthog:

Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV/buggy):



  • All vehicles use client side prediction with server sanity checks (can optionally use pure server authoritative mode)
  • Proper collision mesh setup (critical for good vehicles)
  • Animation Blueprints setup and updated from C++
  • Dynamically bound Weapon and Vehicle UMGs

I have over ten years of experience with the Unreal Engine (UE2,UE3,UE4) and over 30 years experience programming.
UE3: Ravaged ( 2Dawn Games): Lead programmer, UScript and C++
Stingray (Autodesk): Created an MP game kit in lua, exposed PhysX car sim parameters to config and lua.

You can contact me at