[LFW CONTRACT] Blueprints / Generalist, 8+ years with UE4

Hadar Silverman
Contact: hadar@earthborninteractive.com


  • Generalist with 8+ years of experience using UE4
  • Familiar with UE4 API and how all of the different features communicate
  • Familiar with production pipeline processes from concept to game implementation and optimization
  • Bachelor degree in Architecture


  • 5 AAA titles in QA
  • Developed and Launched “Flutter Bombs” on Xbox & PS4
  • Ongoing VR research with MageWorks on Steam and Oculus Rift (Quest port in process when time permits)
  • Built AR platform for energy companies in the training and sim industry
  • Built VR platform for USAF in defense industry
  • Built VR platform for major manufacturers to study next-generation tools and products
  • Launched mixed reality game “Blast Point” on iOS and Android
  • Lots of game jams!

Additional information:

  • Feel free to reach out to me with any additional questions
  • While i’ve been working in the training and sim business for the past few years, i really miss building games. Would love to be part of a game dev team! Or any team really. Looking for a team to contribute to!
  • Looking for contract work, but will consider full-time positions if interested
  • Prefer remote work, however, can relocate depending on situation.

Sent an email. You can also add on Discord :

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are you available for work?

hello, sent an email.

also, if interested please add me on discord


looking for people with your experience

Hey there!

We have a few job positions open.

Fully remote, full-time salary + company shares.

3D Generalist job link - mSocial hiring 3D Generalist (Metaverse) in India | LinkedIn
Game Developer job link - mSocial hiring Game Developer (Metaverse) in India | LinkedIn

Please apply there if interested!

Kind regards,