[LFW] Cole "Plento" Peterson - 3D prop/ Material artist and level designer.

Hello, my name is Cole Peterson and I’ve been creating 3D models and materials for various platforms (mostly Unreal) for around 4 years now and I’ve gotten quite good at it. I am 100% certain I can meet your needs no matter what they are. I am looking for any freelance work available.

**Skill-sets: **

  • Low and high poly, clean geometry modeling (props, architecture, etc.)
  • Collision
  • UV/ Lightmaps
  • PBR materials from scratch.
  • Full knowledge of UE4 material editor
  • Level design and optimization

**Link to portfolio of my work: **


**Video Showcasing some of my custom materials and props: **

Please contact me via email:


Thank you!