[LFW]Cheap PBR Textures And Custom procedural Materials Available / Custom landscapes Also Available

Hello, My name is Kevin

I am a 3d landscape artist and a technical artist.
I can make custom seamless textures, and landscapes.
If you don’t like doing something i can do it in that area. Like unwrapping your models.
I could not put here my work it’s not allowing me to upload to right here. Look down for my work

I am selling PBR textures and materials.
Here are the prices
All Prices are in Euro’s

PBR Custom seamless tiled procedural materials.
512 = 0,90,-
1024 = 1,10,-
2048 = 1,30,-
4096 = 1,50,-
8192 = 3,30,- (If Available )

Just Textures PBR(All maps Just not in UE4)
512 = 0,50,-
1024 = 0,60,-
2048 = 0,80,-
4096 = 1,00,-
8192 = 1,90,-

SBS + 10,-
SBSAR + 3,-

UV Unwrapping
Range 0.20,- To 0.90,-

Next Exclude Textures.
Custom Landscape Material = 6,-
Custom Landscape Can range from 10,- To 30,- Depending on size.
Custom Landscpae + material Can range from 10,- To 30,- Depending on size. + 3,-

If you have more Suggestions or Questions please Email me.
PBR Metal Rough = Base Color, Metallic, Roughness, Specular, normal, Height, Displacement And Ambient Occlusion.
PBR Spec Gloss = Diffuse, Specular, Glossiness, Normal, Height, Displacement And Ambient Occlusion.
Might Also Come with a opacity map.
If you want Both Metal Rough and Spec Glos it will be a extra 0.25,-

Email me and you get a response in 24H. Then i will contact you If you want something else, The Price, special requests or anything else.
Please Put in your subject Texture Or Landscape, or i might not get back to you.