[LFW] C++ Programmer / Blueprint Designer

Until someone comes along with a better one, I present you with a rough looking for work template.

Thread Title: [LFW PAID] Gillian “Cheeky” Smith - 3D Character Artist

The title of the thread should begin with the prefix [LFW], followed by your name and job title/skillset.
If you have multiple skillsets, list the major ones only.
If you’re looking for a particular type of work, be sure to include it in the prefix (PAID/UNPAID/CONTRACT etc).

Skillset(s):Associate Level Computer Programming
Familiar With: C#, C++, Java, PHP, HTML, SQL, Visual Basic, Android Studio, and JavaScript

I currently do not have any experience outside of study/school.

Seeking out new experiences to start a portfolio.


Additional Information:
Lives In West Texas
Available 5 days a week.
Cannot travel.

Add any additional information that pertains to your ability to work.
Can you only work online? Can only speak Australian? Can only work 2 days a week? etc.
Able To Work Online
Able To Understand Australian
Able To Work Full-Time

Comments welcome!

Looking for feedback of (paid/unpaid) opportunities for me to expand my career with.

Forgive me, because I know that I can be a C++\Blueprint designer however most of my skills are actually within PHP and then I love the laravel framework. I can fill two positions, and possibly lead in web development as long as I have a web designer within the studio. I would like to offer this as well.

Bear in mind, I did not do the layout or the initial work. I did programmatic rework or installation. With a designer I would be completed.

I have sent you a email in regards to you looking for work as a programmer, in case you did not receive it you can friend me on discord at WildClaw#2487 and we can talk more there.