[LFW] C++/Blueprint Programmer/General UE4 Developer


I’m a self-motivated, passionate developer looking for work, I’ve been with UE4 since it’s launch and I’m fairly experienced with most of it’s features!
I have worked on multiple UE4 titles such as** No More Room In Hell 2** and Islands of Nyne, I’m also developing my own MMO Shooter on UE4 Mankind Reborn.


  • 6 years of experience with programming/game development
  • C++ and Blueprints
  • Full-Stack Developer, experienced in PHP/MySQL and setting up databases
  • Networking/Multiplayer experience
  • Experienced in level design and quick prototyping
  • VR Experience, games or arch viz
  • Consulting experience, I can help you learn UE4 more efficiently
  • Moar! Check my portfolio/linkedin!

Email: [EMAIL=“”]

Here’s some video footage of my games:

Mankind Reborn (Cyberpunk Sandbox MMO Shooter)

Bunny Madness (Multiplayer TPS I made for fun)

Project Frequency (It’s somewhat popular on Youtube, thousands have played it and made videos about it)

**Availability: **CURRENTLY AVAILABLE! EMAIL ME 10/29/17

If interested, send me a message or email!

  • BioXide

PM sent :slight_smile:

hello i would love to talk to you but the only way we can do that is through skype so add me @EnigmaDevColton

Updated thread to include my LinkedIn, there you can find all the info required.


I’m currently available, plus my linkedIN has been updated with more information regarding my skills.


Still available and with tons of spare time, get in touch!

I’m the animator for Project Frequency, I’ve been working with BioXide for almost three years now. He’s an awesome coder, solving any problem that comes at him, and is more than capable of producing fun and responsive games. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with him!

I’m the environment artist and weapon artist for Project Frequency and I have to say that Bioxide’s incredible coding abilities along with his teaching and teamwork skills really separate him from others. He’s constantly communicating with the team, taking ideas, and improving our workflow and quality. If you’re looking for a great programmer and designer for your team, this is the guy you need. :smiley:


Still available, been completing some contracted work and I have some spare time, I can also provide mentorship and tutor you in many UE4 areas, get in contact with me to see how I can provide my expertise and knowledge!


Available, send me a PM!


Updated my resume/linkedin to better reflect my current experience, I am available for work so hit me up!


Available and ready to help you in your games!