[LFW] C++/Blueprint, Maya Developer/Programmer & VR


Yeah I’m pretty good with animation blueprints, I’m very good with all parts of UE4 maybe other than particles.
You wanna PM me to exchange contact info.

what’s your email?

Good day,

Eneko Celayeta from Come Over Gaming here.
Garth has been working with me for almost two years.
He delivered the coding knownledge he is offering right here but apart from that also problem solving abilities to DreamBack VR development.
Being his first complete VR game development means that needed to learn new ways to make games showing ability to overcome obstacles and deliver what needed.

Thanks again.

Check the new trailer teaser link for DreamBackVR,

Check the new trailer teaser link for DreamBackVR,

Wow check these awesome walk through video these great guys made.

I need some work done on my VR Game. What is Your Email?

Some awesome walk through videos.

Some really awesome walk through videos.