[LFW] C++/Blueprint, Maya Developer/Programmer & VR


For the last seven years I’ve been doing Game development, before that my career was that of an electronic engineer doing mostly C/C++ embedded development.

When I started with game development I started with Unreal engine, mostly due to the low cost. While learning UE4 I developed a small project called Annihilation Ten4 ( can be downloaded at: ).
All the little robots meshes and animations where done by me, I used TreeIt for the foliage. I tried to do most the code using Blueprints but there is still a few things blueprints could not do so there is some C++ code in the project.

I’ve just finished working on a project call DreamBackVR for Come Over Gaming. DreambackVR is a VR puzzle jump scare horror game which was released June this year, Google DreambackVR to find web page and Steam page.

Previous experience: 1. Heavy Gear Assault for Stompy Bot doing C++/Blueprint development.

  1. Prototype Skate Board game for Airship Images doing C++/Blueprint development.

  2. Sonic remake for Indie developer doing C++ I help them they where struggling with the rotations of their Pawn rotating up surfaces and over edges.

  3. Lost World Returns for Great Ape Gaming doing C++/Blueprint development.

  4. VR real estate for a real estate company in Canada, I added voice commands to their projects and some analytics.

  5. An augmented reality project of a little lady explaining the processes of making wine and an option purchase the wine online for Mookan in China.

  6. DreamBackVR for Comeover Gaming doing just about all programming for project, done in Blue Prints.

I live in South Africa this is a big advantage due to the exchange rate, I can work for much less than most developers. Working from home not having to commute is a big savings.

Sorry I don’t have a pretty portfolio to direct you to, my C.V. is that of an electronic engineer which won’t mean much to you. Check DreamBackVR it’s pretty awesome.

I’ve only really developed using Unreal engine and Maya but I’m a quick study, When needed I’ll learn Unity quick or anything else for that matter.

Wow check these awesome walk through video these great guys made.

Thanks for your consideration.

Please PM(Private message) me here to exchange details and get in contact.


Bump, Still looking for work

How do I contact you?

Hi send a PM, then we swap details there

Hey DJ, I’m still waiting for that PM (private message)

Bump, Still looking for work

Bump, Still looking for work

Hi Garth, contact me on

hello friend … have discord

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I just wanted to say that we’ve had the pleasure of working with Garth on some really unconventional challenges (as part of our game) and he delivered exceptionally well. We’re actually still working with Garth as new work requirements come in, but he will be a very valuable member of your team. Finding reliable and good UE4 developers is a challenge, and Garth is a rare breed of a freelancer that actually delivers.

Email Send from fellow South African for some contract work in Canada.

I had the pleasure of working with Garth at Asylum Entertainment. He was both knowledgeable and quite motivated. I was worried that his time zone would be a problem (we’re on the east coast) but it was not in the slightest as he made himself available on our times. I look forward to working with you again!

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Hi Garth, if you still need a worker, you can contact me on

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Just to clarify this is the LFW (Looking for work) section not the looking for workers section, If you leave some details about your self I may contact you in future if I need help.

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how can i contact you


Hello Garth! I am inquiring as to whether or not you are proficient with animation blueprints?