[LFW] C++/Blueprint Developer

Hi! I’m a freelance developer looking for some work to improve my skills & get a portfolio going.
I have 1.5 years of C++ and 2 years in blueprint.

Some things I have worked with/made in the past with either C++ or blueprint are:

  • Steamworks Integration
  • Multiplayer
  • Hover Vehicles
  • Inventory
  • Actions (player movement, shooting guns, etc…)
  • Procedural Map Generation

You can contact me either by PM or Discord (Strikeless2GO#3392)

Do not contact me for royalty / unpaid work.

Strikeless definitely helped us out a great deal. Had an issue with a blueprint we were trying to implement that wasn’t quite working out. I’m a modeler and working in VR Archviz to try to bring over our static stuff into a walkthrough so my understanding is limited. Strikeless worked with me for an hour figuring out what was wrong using discord and screensharing. We traced the issue using print debugs and got everything working as it should be. He worked quick and didn’t miss a thing!

Available looking for work!

Available for work.


Very helpful and got what we wanted :slight_smile:

Looking for more work :wink:

Available after a few months!

Available once again!

Still available :slight_smile: