[LFW] Antoine Albertson - Engineer - Vr Systems and game Mechanics


I am currently a student finishing Engineering school. For this final year, I specialized in studying Virtual reality, meaning that i learned about how to implement and use it in all kind of applications and situations. I also leaned a lot about studies on simulation sickness and other problems related to Vr.
I managed to find an internship in Colombia. I’m working with a professional team from the distance and developping with them a demo for one of their game embryo, using Unreal 4.15.
It involves working on the Vr system, the game mechanics and also a bit of framework and Ui.

I don’t use Unreal since a long time. But i am very versatile, lucid and pragmatic about the situations i have to manage.
Also i’m a very fast learner, if any skills that i don’t know yet happens to be needed.
I worked on several projects already: 2D games development, Cave system app improvement, 3rd person Vr system and game mechanics (several Months).

I’m looking for work of any kind really. Best with a small team that needs another polyvalent Dev as well as a Vr engineer.

I will be looking for a full time job on site starting in october, until then, i am open for low paid jobs that i can do online.

Feel free to contact me for any questions and post below to discuss.

Bye !

Skype: Antoine0et0son0lapin0bleu