LFW - Animator \ Character artist \ 3D artist

**SKILLS: **
- 3D modelling
Hard and soft surface, including UV mapping and texturing.
Sculpting & retopology.
Game assets creation –game ready characters, props, other 3d assets.

- Animation
Including rigging, skinning and creating custom animations for game characters and models.

- UE4 Visual scripting (blueprinting)
Setting up assets inside game engine: creating materials, tuning skeleton meshes, creating animation sequences, e.t.c. Everything required for a 3d model to work.

5 years as a freelancer and game studio employee.
- Above and beyond tech. Junior 3D artist (lore team).
Creating 3d models for an mmorpg project (The Repopulation), for a needs of a lore team.
Developing quest lines and game lore.
- Freelancer

Contact - Discord: Pashoota #5153