[LFW] 3D modeler and animator. Looking for team

First off, money: I’ll work for free. Sure, if you want to throw 20 bucks my way, I wont say no. But money is not a huge motivator for me. I have my own income and some of us out there just want to make stuff.

What I’m looking for

I’m looking for a team that actually has something done and can actually work together. I want to see people that are passionate about what they are doing and focused. A red flag for me is a team that has a production lead, lead programmer, senior artist, community manager blah blah blah yet they have no game to show. Focus on making a game, then you can focus on your title.

I’m also not looking to make generic human 1,2,3,4~. I love making and animating objects and creatures. Looking to keep things fresh. I also have my own means of motion capture if necessary.

Final note: I’m actively working on my own game currently, but I don’t want to get burnt out on any one thing. That’s why I’m looking to branch out into one more project. Also, working alone can get lonely.

That’s all Im looking for. Let’s see if we can make something cool.

Port: ArtStation - Ryan R.

I only have access to blender, zbrush and substance painter.

Hi Dreia#7828 diskord
I really need a modeler