LF Voice Actors

I am looking for 2 voice actors for a mobile game that we are developing.

  1. Dark, deep voice for a dark, cruel, evil wizard. Think about Saruman in The Lord of the Rings.
  2. Cute sweet girlish voice for a cute sweet little bird. Think about Bambi in Bambi, Chip from Beauty and the Beast
    If you think you voice has that quality, please send me a message.


Do you have an online demo reel, soundcloud where I can review your voice?


I did a few random quotes from Saruman below.

Voice Audition

Any feedback would be great.

Thank you

EPIC Voice Man. Have you considered producing Vocal FX Pack for the Marketplace?

oh my goodness. I had no idea. I will be definitely looking into it.

If I can help in any way, let me know


@ Markomruki,
I reviewed your voice. Yes your voice is pretty close to Saruman. A bit unnatural, as though you were putting stress on your voice to make it deeper, but other than that its good.
But the thing is I already had conversation with a voice artist from another forum, and I was hoping to work with him.
Thanks again for the voice reel. I appreciate your effort and your offer to help.

No worries cheers

Hey there! Still looking?

Hi Tamara,
For now, I already have two voice actors for the evil wizard, and two kids to do the voice over for the little bird.
I reviewed your voice reels on YouTube. Sounds wonderful. Maybe in some future project. Thanks again.
With good wishes,

No worries! Thanks!