LF Third Person work

Hi all,

Looking for someone who has enough experience to take a character I have and replicate the shooting style, aim offset and movement of third person games similar to TLOU/RE2R. This character is already rigged to the epic skeleton if that helps, would also help if you were able to use max/maya/blender or whatever you prefer to do some edits on the character such as removing items on his chest to replace it with a bulletproof vest.

Can use middleman for payment, I’m able to talk through PM here or Discord,Skype.

Discord : Samwise#9206

Added to discord

Still looking for someone to help with setting up a third person controller, already have all animations to hand.

Not looking to edit the character anymore so I’m sticking with the mannequin, just want animations linked to the character moving and a projectile system with aim offset etc

Check discord