LF Tech/Post Process guru to make our characters/VFX look better with our environment

We finally finished our environment and it looks great, however, we’re currently having some issues with characters and VFX showing up as intended. Our test map and a few other maps look completely different than our main map. I need someone to come in and get all our post sorted and then make any necessary tweaks to make them pop with our environment. You’d need to be familiar with technical details, as well as have some eye for art as we’ll be trying to nail down the exact look we want.

Guessing this will take about 5 hours. Paid position. Happy to talk hourly vs fixed, whatever it takes. Just really want this done.

Skype: CThomlison

You can see in the image below how dark the characters and VFX are. We’ve also got a nasty Lens Flare problem going on.