LF Sound effects/Audio for MOBA style project Circuits and Shields. High quality, paid position

Hi all,

Circuits and Shields ( is finally to the point where we are ready to start adding sounds to our champions. We’re a MOBA style game that is extremely similar to LoL/HotS/Dota2, so you’ll be implementing sound effects for champions like basic attacks/spells/etc. We do have programmers available so I do NOT require you to do actual implementation, but if you want to do that as well, I can pay a bit extra for it.

This is a paid position. I will note this project strives for an extremely high quality in our work and has been contributed to by many AAA freelancers. With that said, one of my requirements here is that you are at the very least familiar with LoL/HotS/DotA with a solid chunk of time put into playing them. All my sound prompts I will give to you reference a champion from one of the games, so it is hugely beneficial if you understand what goes into the sound for a MOBA. This isn’t a first person shooter or RPG where we are going for these big epic sounds, things have to be subtle and in the background essentially.

To see some of our work, it’s easiest to check out our twitter at

Skype: CThomlison


Hey, Serban from Norway here. I’ll be honest, I haven’t really played those game although I know them and I have seen SOME gamplay. Actually I did play DotA a couple of hours come to think of it. But this doesn’t have to be a hindrance, I will do my research if you see my skills fit for the job. Really exciting opportunity, and I would give it my best. Have a listen to these demos and let me know if I can send you some example sounds for some of your characters.

Best wishes, Serban.