LF sci-fi focused writer to help to rewrite the current story and world-building of a cyberpunk game

I’m looking for a writer that focuses mainly on sci-fi, especially cyberpunk to rewrite most of the story of a cyberpunk player-driven MMORPG currently in development, the themes would be:

  • 8 factions/corporations fighting for control over the universe, lots of politics that the players can partake in

  • Cloning technology with transferable consciousness ala Altered Carbon

  • Ever-looming threat of xenomorphs, rogue AI & drones, with a slow creeping space virus like Dead Space, the flood in Halo, and possibly intelligent alien species

  • Humanity’s golden age due to cloning technology and FTL, spreading through the stars, colonizing planets, constant fighting between factions

  • Lots of world-building, brands, businesses, locales, etc

  • Incorporating the player’s narrative into the story, since it’s a player-driven game, players will drive the narrative forward, having both a universe story & player story intertwined as the game moves forward

If interested, send me a message with a portfolio/past work done related to the game’s theme to this email: [EMAIL=“”], and we’ll resume the conversation there.

This looks like a really fantastic project! Wishing ya goodluck with it! :slight_smile:

hello im interested ,now i am developing a sci fi game and i can help you with that this is a old gameplay video