LF programmers for title "The Arena Tale" with near all assets complete the system is only left.

Hi everyone, so we are busy with a project by the name of “The Arena Tale” and are busy looking for programmers!

The concept is a basic arena wave by wave styled game where the point is to survive as long as you can, as well as the player being able to switch between a melee and ranged form to get in and out of certain situations. The characters that the player will control as well as the NPCs that will spawn are extremely simple and clay like where as the environments are detailed towards a more hand painted / stylized approach and far more detailed in general compared to characters.

Art for characters and an arena and a screenshot to show current style/progress: (Graphics still in progress)




We are looking for programmers that can build from the base up, this would range all the way from Player to AI and even UI/Menus.

Whats been done so far on our side: Models for all the arenas, 65-75% of all textures, 2/3rds of characters and their animations/textures.
Our current goals are to complete the characters and their animations and then focus on art for advertising and finishing up textures and SFX and Music.

Requirements: Over 18, can work with bitbucket / source-tree linked to Unreal as a source control as well as implement / import assets when needed.

If you are interested and would like more info shoot me an email on:

Did Billy Frolov do your art? Wonderful work.

Glad to hear you like it, as for who the art was done by it was Peter Cuthbertson. If you were actually asking. >_<

It even said his name in the images above! :smiley: lol. Good luck with this project Joshua. I take it you’re looking more for Royalty than paid for contract work? If you guys ever get the budget together we’d love to be involved (but are not taking Royalty based work at this time). Looks great though!

Do you need programmers for UI and art it as well? I do both. :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: Glad to hear you like it, I love a ton of your groups work especially a few of the latest pieces. Ill be sure to give you guys a shout if we have the budget and are looking for help in art or system. :slight_smile:

Bump. We are still looking for programmers! :slight_smile: ~Joshua (Clip of animations will be uploaded soon)

We are no longer looking for programmers. :slight_smile:

so how is the project really progressing? you know it’s a long way from concept art to a final game!
or so to speak from dreams to the hard reality.
what can you report on that to attract people?

Well as you can see above we already have a start on the actual models for the game, as for how things are going all the models and animations are now basically complete with work on textures and general cleaning needed but system is another story as that was an extremely late start :stuck_out_tongue:

But I will update this post again when we have some working gameplay going. Here is another screen shot to show how the world is coming along:

This also shows how much things change from concept to actual :smiley:

We are now looking for a second programmer! Please email me or PM me on UE if interested.