LF Programmer for 4.20 upgrade and complex replay system using new 4.20 features

Circuits and Shields (http://twitter.com/CircuitsGame) is looking to hire a new programmer for a quick upgrade and feature job. Note, we do have a VERY established code base and I expect you to help my other guys if you break something with the upgrade. With the upgrade, we’re also looking to introduce a replay system. We’re a MOBA game and I’d like to be able to record our games and then open them in editor (or client, whatever it is) and be able to replay the game (rewind, pause, forward, etc.) WITH the ability to freely move the camera around during the replay. This is an incredibly important point as we want to be able to make some gameplay trailers and videos using this feature so that requires being able to position the camera in unique angles and rotate all around.

Essentially, game opens, player can enter a command to start recording. Once game ends or is closed, file gets saved somewhere and we can open that file later and it plays similar to a movie except we have free camera movement. LoL/DotA/most MOBAs have a similar feature already if you’re familiar.

This replay system should leverage the new 4.20 features (I think? That’s why we waited until now at least), and must be done in C++ as everything we have currently is C++. I may be okay with BP but you better give me a really good reason.

This is a paid position and I expect it to take no more than 20 hours/two weeks. I prefer flat fee. Also, your work is going on a near finished (to Kickstarter at least) project so this is great experience and resume work. Please contact me with a quote (seriously, include a quote) and any experience/portfolio you have (i.e. I’ve done 160 engine upgrades and done an in-game movie system before = instant hire).

Skype (preferred): CThomlison
Email: CThom@circuitsandshields.com
Discord: cthomlison#2648