LF Programmer and level designer

Hello all,
My name’s Zack. My team and I have spent the last 4 months working hard on a souls-like game in UE4. We have built a major part of the first environment, a working combo system, a working HUD, interact-able items, etc.
The game will have two unique aspects:
• Players will utilize a combat system where combos change dependent on how the player wishes to distribute their attribute points.
• Players will have a dynamic difficulty. Using magic will increase the quantity, power, and play style of the enemies.
The player’s quest is to save his world from prophesied self-destruction, due to the use of magic, but in doing so he only makes matters worse.
• Be heavily focused on providing a dynamic and satisfying combat system which acts as the games core mechanics.
• Use a stylized art style which delivers a dark atmosphere.
• Tell its narrative through environmental storytelling and avoid a stereotypical structure of using heavy dialogue and cutscenes.
• Be a mid to long term project (at least 1 year)
What are we looking for?
• Programmer (1+ year of experience)
• Level Designer
We plan to ship the game at the end. Working on this game will earn you a place in the credits of a released game. Rev sharing will be the reward if we profit. Our budget for the game is around $20,000 so you will not be working on a budget-less game.
The link below is a quick video that was created months ago. A lot has changed but we want to show something more than just an idea.
2019-08-29 21-26-30.flv - Google Drive
A few notes: The characters and animations are placeholders, so is the UI. Our main character is currently being rigged for animation.
If you’re interested in joining the project, or have any questions at all, please feel free to get in contact by sending a PM or Discord. zstrife#1278
Thanks for taking the time to read,

PM’d you my man.