LF Network Programmer

Good evening everyone,

my name is Giulio Dionisi and I am currently directing a team on the development of a game in Unreal Engine.

At the moment, we only lack of a network programmer who is capable of:

  • manage the game so it can be prepared to run on a dedicated server;

  • creating new C++ libraries to handle the OnlyneSubSystem in order to get a complex matchmaking system & instanced maps;

  • compiling the dedicated server we will use, and it must manage many sessions at the same time, which will be running on other servers.

  • SQL knowledge is appreciated along with UE4 iteration methods

I want my team to be composed by good and well prepared people, so the job is paid. Contact me privately to discuss pricing and anything else.

Anyone who feels capable of doing this can reply this post and write me a mail (whitehawksentertainment (at) to get in contact, and further informations will be all handled in private.

Hope to get many answers soon

Giulio Dionisi