LF Level Designer familiar with MOBA design to block out (no props/textures) our level layout

Hi all,

Circuits and Shields is looking for a level designer just to block out our current level design. Note, we already have the layout sketched and we just need you to translate that into a UE4 level. We do not require you to do props/texture/materials, we’ll be handling all that. I do request that you be familiar with MOBA levels as it’s very important to us to keep proportions balanced for MOBA, meaning thin walls and proper scale. Our layout sketch likely isn’t in perfect scale, so I’ll be leaning on you, the level designer, to make sure everything translates well into the blocked out level. Our website isn’t completed, but you can see some of our art here so you know what type of project you’re working for:

I’ve attached our level layout below. This is a paying position, I’ll be happy to discuss price on Skype or through email (“CThomlison” on Skype or