LF Indie price friendly 3D armor modeler

Hello 3D armor modelers,

We have a small Indie ARPG game in the early works and we need a single armor set for early integration/testing within the game. We need someone that is sufficiently experienced in making armor for UE4, that can make realistic/life-like level of details and has near AAA quality.

As an initial trial/test, what we are looking for is a carapace armor (conceptually similar to the image below) but with a look like it was made from parts of a large, tan colored scorpion. It does not have to be exact scorpion pieces either, but basically similar to that style (sorry, we don’t have specific concept art). For this deliverable the pieces that we need would be a simple, open faced helm, chest (breastplate, no shoulders), forearms, legs (groin to at least the upper leg, or lower depending on the boots), and boots. It all needs to conform to the base UE4 mannequin’s shapes/movement and the pieces need to be individual / separate assets that will be applied over top of the models (which we can provide) like in typical ARPGs (ie Diablo).

This is the first time that I’ve created / requested 3D armor, so if there are other questions or information that you need, please inform me. If you are interested in this task, please send me your bid along with acceptable payment methods, and a portfolio/samples of your past 3D armor work to UUCyberSteve@games.com.

Thank you,

  • UUCyberSteve

Hey @UUCyberSteve are you planning on more modeling work down the road, or is this all the work you need for now? Cheers!

Thank you for responding! To answer your question:
TL;DR: Planning, definitely; current consistency, minimal, as needed.

Long version: Our project currently lacks a 3D artist (especially one that can do weapons and armor). This role is currently our most needed position in our tiny team … thus far we have been surviving with non-custom assets up until now (except in one case). With that said, I am personally funding the game, so while we could technically use someone full time, in all honesty the use of funds in every area is currently on an “as absolutely needed” basis until I can get some external/additional income.
With that said, for the right 3D artist, we would like to start to build a business relationship in the hopes that we could bring more work/hours over time. We’re working towards a public video demo by the end of March. But at this moment we’re not ready just yet to make things public. I understand that it is a hard sell until people can actually see something, but I have also created a company ownership program for those who can risk small amounts of work time in exchange for actual company ownership.


Hey Steve,
I’m a freelance developer and take on small side jobs for extra cash while working on my project. Do you have any more specific details about exactly what your looking for, and a deadline you would like it by?

All, thank you to everyone who has posted. We have made our selection, but we will keep everyone’s contact information should we need to consider alternative or additional work.


  • Steve