LF Designer/RPG Enthusiast to help me define our games' underlying systems!

Project is located here (Read this first!):!

We’ve currently got a great start on programming lined up as we have someone writing the underlying code for a lot of our main frameworks like player stats, items, spells, etc. One issue I’m currently having is I wrestle with how certain things should work when he asks me. I don’t know how exactly I want blocking/parrying to work yet. While luckily this isn’t holding him back, it’s still something I want to get under control as soon as possible.

With that said, I’m currently looking for someone to assist me in situations like these: things like combat formulas, stats, spell interactions, core gameplay. I’d really like to have someone to bounce ideas and concepts off of and have their thoughts, pros/cons of a particular way of doing things. I prefer you to be available most of the day. While this isn’t time-consuming work, I may message you randomly throughout the day as I think of things and the faster you message back the better. I’d also prefer you be a game-enthusiast yourself, but you must be able to look at things from a design point of view, not just from a gamer’s perspective. What are the advantages of Diablo 3 switching to a no skill point system? What was more fun about that and what features did it ruin from Diablo 2?

While the major need is to get these type systems worked out, this could be turned into a longer term position as we get farther from underlying functions and closer to things specific character/item/spell design. I’m particularly bad at creative type things like that, so someone that could help both now and in the future would be a huge help. I slapped Royalty on the tag for cases like that. I’ll be happy to work a long-term deal out if you end up being a great fit.

Feel free to add me on Skype at CThomlison


Bumping as I’d still really like someone to help me out with this. We recently finished our item system and we’re ready to start on our character stats, but considering I’m awful at details, we’re struggling with that.

Just to give you a quick demo of our item system, it currently works solely off Excel spreadsheets where we can define item level, property ranges, number of properties, what the player’s chance to get an item is. It’s REALLY in-depth and modular. We currently have it tested over a million random items and it’s good to go. Any balance changes we have to make are done completely through spreadsheets, so anyone can do it. Really neat system.