LF Blueprint C++ Programmer in Berlin

Looking for a Blueprint programmer with strong C++ skills in Berlin, Germany.

We plan to hire someone either during 2017 or the following year.

Please get in touch if you are basically interested.

Must be willing to work at office place (Berlin City)
Has at least 1 year experience with working in Unreal Engine
Ability to work with - and in existing Blueprint environment (highly modular), and to adapt his code
At least 23 years old, but generally we look for someone with more experience

This offer is valid until we post an update here. We will make an announcement once the position offering reaches the active phase.

PM to get on the contact list, thanks!

is this position still available ?

The position is still available, but there is no office yet. The plan is to present a gameplay demo, and start a Kickstarter campaign, probably around end of 2017. If successful I need to fill this position.
It is also possible to begin working earlier, based on a compensation, when funds are obtained. Notice, that this is not guaranteed, depends upon the impression, and campaigns such as Kickstarter.
Thanks for your interest.

Hello, Is that still available?