LF Animator familiar with MOBA style anims (Maya)

Hi all,

Circuits and Shields ( is looking for a champion animator to remake a few anims for one of our existing characters. We are a MOBA, so an animator with experience in that style (another MOBA, isometric, top down, etc) would be highly preferred (even playing a MOBA before is a plus). The character is all rigged and ready to go already. It’s about 10 animations in total. Rigs/old anims are done in Maya.

This is a paid position and we do allow work to be posted to your portfolio, so this is a great chance to get paid and to have awesome looking characters that actually function inside a game on your portfolio.

You can reach me at:
‘CThomlison’ on Skype


Bump. Still looking

Still haven’t found the right fit for this. Bump.