LF an idea how to spread burning status from 1 actor to another performance friendly ?

I have some aura skill where enemies can start burning if they get in the aura radius of the player character. I want to be able to upgrade this aura so burning enemies spread the burning status to other enemies in close proximity. I had the idea that on an awready burning enemy I could just attach an invisible sphere collision to him so he will start spreading this to nearby enemies this way. The problem with this may be that if there are multiple enemies awready burning let’s say 7-8 they all will get this aura attached which works with “for each loop” and check overlapping actors. I think if this multiply again when they spread it to other guys nearby this may cause a big performance mess. And another problem may be to make a huge chain reaction which may spread to 40-50 enemies far away with this. Idealy the burning should spread to a few enemies nearby at random. Now im wondering if there is any other better method i could achieve this ? Thx

You could always just do a sphere overlap actors on a timer, if the radius is small, it shouldn’t affect performance much

You can also always profile your game using insights to see the actual performance impact, but I do think that with a relatively small radius (as in maybe 2-5 meters) it should be almost free


This was acctually what i was thinking to do as well with small radius around 3 meter. I didn’t try it out yet but it came to my mind that it may be heavy on performance. I guess i should try it out and see how it goes…