LF additional Skilled C++ Programmer for final push to Kickstarter!

Circuits and Shields ( is looking for an additional C++ programmer to clean up a few remaining tasks heading into Kickstarter. This task formerly had UI involved, but that position has been filled, so we’re just looking a general C++ guy now who can finish some gameplay/misc tasks. We’re a MOBA project, so having played a MOBA or two is helpful, but not required.

This is a paid position and we are only looking for experienced individuals. We pride our project on it’s quality (check our twitter for some screenshots) and these final tasks are important to show we mean business with our Kickstarter. There’s a decent chunk of work to complete now, so this should be at least a month or two contract, with additional work coming after, so this easily could be a long term gig. Only expecting 5-10 hours a week though, not a full commitment.

You can contact me here:
Skype: CThomlison
Email: [EMAIL=“”]