LF 3D modellers, animators level designers

[ROYALTY] LF 3D modellers, animators, level designers

Project Title:
Project X (still debating on the official name. Got a few options but none of them are final yet)

Story-driven RPG in a steampunk x aetherpunk (fantasy) world with tactical/strategical turn-based combat.
Assume the role of a young lad with mysterious powers and amnesia, who’s being hunted by a shady
organization. Explore your way through the huge city you find yourself in and get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Includes (or rather will include):

  • A game world and story with much depth and detail; *]A dark, cruel and sometimes depressing atmosphere; *]A giant city to semi-freely explore (lots of side-alleys, dark corners etc.); *]Up to 9 playable characters each with a unique skill set, mechanic, personality and backstory; *]Tactical turn-based combat; *]No grinding, no EXP (different level progression system); ]Almost no random encounters;]Realistic weapons (no Gunblades or Glass Swords);

Team Name:
We don’t have one yet (and frankly we think this is not the primary concern at the moment)

Team Structure:
ZhoRa13 (Project Creator)
Project Manager, C++ Programmer, Blueprint Scripter, Game Mechanics Designer

Mr Tztz (Project Creator)
Project Manager, Story Writer, Game Mechanics Designer, Game Balancer, Level Designer

C++ Programmer

Concept Artist, Character Designer

Concept Artist, Character Designer

UI and HUD Designer

Steam Gray
Concept Artist, 3D Artist

3D Artist

3D Artist

Music and Audio Designer

Previous Work:
N/A - first title.

Talent Required:
3D Artist

  • Experience with Blender or Maya;]Experience with UE4 toolset is a bonus;]Experience with texturing;*]Able to make “building-block” based objects (separate walls, pipes, roofs, chimneys etc.) to ease the level designer’s job at building the world.

3D Character Artist

  • Experience with Blender or Maya;]Experience with UE4 toolset is a bonus;]Expected to create, rig and animate characters, clothing and objects.

Level Designer

  • Experience with UE4 is a bonus;*]Able to build a city using the materials provided by the 3D artists.

Skype: djlights