LF 3d mod

Hello dear UE developers!
My name is Renato and I’m the game Designer and Story Writter for the game The Last Judgement, a horror game. We are looking for some more people to join us on the project and to fill this positions:

  • **3D Artist **to work with Characters.
  • **3D Artist **to work with Enviroments.

This positions are not paid, only if **we earn something from it.**We are serious persons and for that we demand serious applications.

About the project:
“Lisa is a normal girl who is asked to leave to a special place at night by Carolina over some friends via Skype. Eventually discovers that the place where she was invited to are catacombs and that the real reason why she is there is to be sacrificed. Darwin’s catacombs are constantly changing , like a living labyrinth, and she will eventually get seperated her friends who end up being sacrificed by Carolina. While escapes and seeks out, she understands the relationship of the catacombs with the spirit world . There are twenty- three stories, and at the end of them is the final stage where Lisa will be sacrificed , but ends up giving some fighting and has the opportunity to kill Carolina and become one of the hell Punishers.”
About us:**
We are from Portugal with some experience in creating videogames before joining this project. Besides me, the Game Designer and the Story Writter, João Leal is the 3D modeller and also Game Designer. If you want to apply or have any question to ask us just contact