Lewis Bean Audio - Sound Designer - Audio Implementation - experienced

Sound designer from the UK, currently seeking out new project to extend portfolio and also create unique experiences. Looking for any kind of project (PAID/Contract/Royalty) with a passion and hard working team with a unique vision and strong attention to detail.

4+ years in the gaming industry
Sound design
Sound recording
Audio implementation (both within Unreal, and middleware - FMOD/Wwise)
Audio Editing/Mixing/Mastering
Knowledge of entire unreal engine.

Previous Work:
Caede - Open world Medieval adventure game (unreleased).
The Sentinels - Arena Based fighter (unreleased).
Game of Thrones, tell tale series - Episodic story driven.
Alienation - top down twin stick shooter
Vermintide - FPS fantasy adventure
Esper 2 - VR Super power game
Anno 2205 - Stragey game
Plus many more

Video demo Below as well as rest of portfolio can be found @ lewisbeanaudio.com

E-mail: lewisbean.audio@gmail.com
Skype: lewisbean@hotmail.com
Twitter: @lewisbeanaudio

Feel free to contact me at anytime, though please add a message if you wish to add on skype.

Additional Information:
Lives in Birmingham UK
Can handle multiple source controls
Available for a full time position or part time
Can join to become part of an existing team or as individual
Available to work straight away
Familiar with other disciplines such as, level design, basic programming and animation.