I am working on a little game since the middle of july and now finished my first MVP (minimum viable product) :wink:

Its a 2D platformer - fully playable with very simple game mechanics.
Based on a paper game idea by a very good friend of mine from his kid days (i promised him 20+ years ago that i would make a actual game out of this - someday).

It is completely based on blueprints with the following features:

  • Tilemap based
  • Player based on character controller including double jump support
  • Simple generic following camera system
  • Player interaction system (Levers, Elevators, Triggers…)
  • Up/Down elevator systems which gets requested automatically when player is near a stop trigger (Stops are detected by line traces in the player interaction direction up/down)
  • Jumppads
  • Spikes and lava, no enemies at all
  • Kill and respawn system including checkpoint support
  • Levers to open doors / sink lava etc.
  • Moveable platforms with obstacle detection (No timeline or matinee at all)
  • A very simple main menu :smiley:

What it needs to got it to a finished state:

  • Actual graphics/sprites + proper animations (Currently i am using the 2d platformer tutorial ones)
  • Add fitting sounds and music (metal, electronic, classical… dunno)
  • Create all 12 levels
  • Add a options menu to setup video/audio/controls
  • Add in game menu to control basic video/audio settings
  • Create actual checkpoints (Spawn system already supports this)
  • Add a tutorial level at the very beginning
  • More game mechanics (Comes automatically when i build the next 11 levels which are much harder than the first one!)
  • Add goodies to collect
  • Save games
  • Track statistics/time (Speedrun support)
  • Include version type and number in a way to edit and use it easily
  • A better way to visualize debug stuff (print string is not great)
  • Support for creating custom levels (This will require to build a system to generate the levels from a predefined dataset/xml/json/tmx whatsover)

Mistakes i made / Lessons learned:

  • I never changed the sprite pixels per unit, which was a pita to get it proper positioned/scaled… in the next project i will definetly not make this mistake anymore.
  • Using 3D geometry as triggers, doors, traps was a bad idea

Download MVP-1 (x64 windows only):

Attached are some screenshots - including the original paper idea from ~1995.

What do you think about this? It it okay for the first mvp? Is it fun to play? Too hard?